Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A drenching

Up early to the sound of the alarm clock. A phone call from home for Diane before breakfast was a pleasant start to the day. A great breakfast downstairs at the Camberley with Cumberland sausage and lovely coffee. We packed the car and took off to the info centre. The rain was light so that was okay. The pump museum closed for the winter season so outside photos only and you could smell the sulphur from one of the springs. Harrogate has had a spa for nearly two centuries but the hot springs have been used for longer. We then tired to visit the Harrogate body lotion shop but they were closed for renovations so we wandered the remainder of the streets. Duttons for Buttons, an embroidery shop and a fabric shop later Diane had bought some goodies for home. Back to the Camberley and off we went to Whitby. 
The promised finer weather did not really eventuate and our trip across the top of the moors was rainy with blue sky at one stage. Arriving in Whitby to rain we parked the car and once again hit the info centre. What great souvenirs they had. We walked around the village and over the river to climb the 199 steps to St Mary's church. They had a display of Christmas trees put up by locals and organisations. Our favourite was the donkey trust one. Next stop at the top of the hill was the abbey and its ruins but they were closed–only open at weekends in January. Back down the steps and the heavens opened so refuge was sought in Whitby mall and a fabric shop later we continued on our way. Up the opposite hill to the captain cook monument for the obligatory selfie. Once done we took off back to the car while the heavens opened and we got drenched. The decision was made to have an early dinner at Trenchers. A regular size haddock meal as ordered and when arrived we felt that they had the wrong size on the plate. It was delicious and well worth the stop. Back on the road for the drive to York, it was dark and felt like 9pm but it was only 6pm. The weather did not improve but no flooded roads had to be bypassed. Google maps missed our hotel but a u turn later we were settled for the next couple of nights. 


  1. At least you didn't have to kayak to see Captain Cook like we had to in Hawaii!

    1. Yes, it was far easier to get access to this one :)