Monday, 4 January 2016

To Scotland we go!

After yesterday's weather we were pleased to see a fine and clear morning.
Spent a little time exploring the village of Eyam, it is quite the 'historical town' being most famous for the village which cut itself off during the plague so not to infect the surrounding area.

As it was such a lovely day, decided to stop off at Lyme Park aka Pemberley. It was also a lot closer to where we were going than first realised. Got to see the house, but not the front view as the house and gardens were closed. But very happy to have visited it all the same.

Next stop was Gretna Green, by this time the rain had set in once more. There were 16 weddings today, at the black smith. 18 if we had got lucky!!!! Had a coffee in the car before setting off for the final destination of Cockburnspath.

The drive to Cockburnspath saw rain, flooding and even some snow. Today is the first day it had been cold down to 2deg at times.

Finally arrived at the farm abut 5.30pm, received a lovely welcome from Heather and Watt. They have moved since our last visit, just across the road from the main house to the cottage having sold the farm  a few weeks back. 
Although a struggle we did manage to see 'The Bells' (New Year) in with a wee Whiskey and shortbread. 

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