Friday, 15 January 2016

All packed and ready to go

Our final day started off with clear blue skies and a bowl of porridge for breakfast. We had done most of the packing so decided that we would have a walk into town. We enjoyed the clear weather and decided that a look at the town would be our final hurrah. We wandered through the shops looking for the final bargain which were purchases at Boots and a card shop.
The Beaney was our next stop and this is the local museum, art gallery, library and gathering space. Well worth the visit and Stephanie even admired the Star Wars exhibition. After departing the building we made our way to Patissiere Valerie for tea and cake. It was delicious and a real treat. So much better than Gert and Henry’s in York. 
When we left the rain started but it was only light. We then visited Virginia at work, looking at the swollen rivers on the way and admitting that the ducks had the right idea of sitting on the bank.
Back into town, we made a final stop at Lakeland to get the cake liners for Marilyn. Looking through more shops for bargains we found ourselves admitting that we were tired and waterstones, the book shop beckoned for a browse, followed by lunch. As this was our final stop after the bank for changing money, and Boots for instant photo printing, we walked home under increasingly greyer clouds.
The final pack and a decision that an extra case may be needed as we did have allowance for it. Googling we found some at Debenhams for £30 ish, phone Virginia to check if she had a spare sports bag and decided the back pack would do, to fit the extra cake and books in. All packed and weighed okay we felt.
Luke arrived home and changed after doing his homework. Virginia arrived home just after five so we piled into the car to pick up the younger two and go to Chiilam for dinner. An exciting ride down Stuppington Lane with puddles and all. The Woolpack Inn was our destination and a very nice place it was. Virginia loved her present and we had fun with crackers, jokes, and colouring in while waiting for dinner. The meals were lovely with Callum deciding that he needed to eat from the adult menu and he did make a grand effort to eat the most enormous burger.
On our way home we went past a discount store to check out suitcases and the bargain case was acquired. Repacking the final items to even out the case weights, we had tea and biscuits, watched John Deed for the final night and went off to bed before Mark arrived home. 

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