Thursday, 7 January 2016

In a county far far away

If could see the road in front of us it wasn't raining if you couldn't then it was!
A detour to Sherwood Forest to spot Robin Hood or even Maid Marion or Diane was happy with Friar Tuck! Did appear this area was good pig country, although by the size of some of the dung hills it appeared rhinos may have been there instead of pigs. 
Continuing along we found ourselves back on the A1 and a few drops of rain. The momentary lapse with the sunshine was over and it was a grey day again. As we got closer to the Kettering area we found ourselves going from Nottinghamshire, to Lincolnshire and back all in the space of a couple of miles.

We arrived at Diane's cousin Janes place and after a cuppa and sandwich we set off for a trip around the pretty villages. A first stop at Wraxton to see the Montagu marbles in the church was fortunate as the flower ladies were just arriving and let us in. These marbles have just been cleaned at great expense but they are stunning and to find four in a little country church was amazing. Driving along we travelled around the outside of the duke of baculeach's residence, Boughton Park. Very nice house and great estate. Really pretty cottages and our next stop was Geddington, where we walked over to the Eleanor cross, watching a young man drive his little car across the ford which was very flooded. Still he did make it. Negotiating the school traffic we headed off again going via the place where Ben and Alyssa work and along some of the flash streets of Kettering. 

Home in time for Nigel to visit, a pleasant couple of hours passed with Ben and Alyssa arriving for dinner. Peter was home and a lovely dinner of shepherds pie and peas followed by blackberry and apple crumble with custard was enjoyed by all members of the family. 

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