Thursday, 14 January 2016

Last day in London

Enjoyed our last supper at The Crowne Plaza. As checkout wasn't until midday, we decided to take advantage of this and head to Kensington Palace which was just up the road and then come back to check out and deal with bags.
Again a lovely day in London, so we enjoyed our walk to the palace admiring the lovely crescent houses along the way. A 6 bedroom 5 reception house which we had seen the other night, will only set  you back a cool £12m. 
As the palace hadn't opened when we arrived, had a bit of a wander round the garden. Got chatting to the gardener. They were enjoying the spring like weather and pleased to see crocus, mini Iris and lovely snow drops out.
Got into the palace right on 10 and walked around all the rooms allowed. Unfortunately the fashion exhibition was closed, but there was still plenty to see. After getting some advice of what we should see at the V&A we headed back to hotel to check out. This was a very painless exercise and we were able to leave our bags there in the process. 
So it was off to the V&A. We had hopes of seeing the shoes and Al Thani jewels from India exhibitions. However, once we realised it would cost something like $50 each to see this and as we only really had 3 hrs at the maxi, economy got the better of us, and no it wasn't the accountant who had the deciding vote.
We instead visited the 1600-1810 European exhibition which had been recommended to us at Kensington Palace. We even managed to tag onto a museum tour, which provided some interesting tidbits along the way. After the exhibition tour we felt a cuppa was needed, so found our way to the cafe and enjoyed a bite to eat.
Headed to the modern section of the museum and as with all modern art, there were some interesting displays. Our visit ended with a trip via the gift shop. The shop was somewhat disappointing, with selection and price...who could afford to buy here!
Back to hotel picked up luggage, across road to tube station and off to Victoria. Got lucky at Victoria as a very kind gentleman offered to take the bag up the steps, but did say it was a bit heavier than he had expected!
So ends our four days in London. Saw a lot but as always still so much more to see and do.

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