Friday, 8 January 2016

Visiting time

Today we started with a visit to another one of Diane's relations, Jenny and John. They lived a short distance away from Jane. Had a coffee with them then it was on the road to head to Salam Toney for our lunch date.
The weather started off a bit murky but did improve. Travelled along the A14 and at times one of the lanes of the dual carriageway was bumper to bumper trucks!
Arrived at our destination just before one. The village where Sylvia lives is very cute. She took us out to lunch at a 16th century inn. We both had Guinea fowl, not something we would get at home, very tasty.

From Sylvia's we headed back down the A11 towards Dawn's place at Great Chesterfield. We had been given a key to get in as Dawn wasn't sure when she would be home. Arrived about 5.30, Diane proceeded to open the door only to be greeted by the alarm!! We had been told by Syliva that the alarm would not be in. So a frantic phone call to Dawn, as the alarm screamed in the background to get the code. 

We got ourselves settled, with Dawn arriving a short time later. Dawns partner Jim arrived for the evening. Had a pleasant even chatting and enjoying a nice glass of wine!

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