Monday, 4 January 2016

Quiet time on the borders

We have spent the past two days at Paitshill Farm. Enjoying some wonderful Scottish hospitality.
The weather hasn't been too wonderful, so have been more than happy to sit round the kitchen table chatting and enjoying the warmth of the Rayburn.

We did venture out for a walk on New Year's Day, enjoyed cracking the ice on top of the puddles and chatting to the neighbours along the way. 

We were greeted on the second day of the new year with wet, windy and misty weather. Dawn was at 8.40am and no sunrise to be seen. There were no plans for travelling or sightseeing but a phone call for visitors promised a surprise. Margaret and Ian travelled up from Northumberland to visit and were surprised by Diane at the door. Several hours of chat, catching up with news and watching the antics of Alfie (farm cat) and Teazel (Margarets dog). 
A late tea for the residents and the evening was spent in front of the TV reading, knitting, embroidering and sleeping. A cosy night sleeping in the new loft bedroom awaited.

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