Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sports day.

Today was sports day for the children so we were up early to return the car which was painless. On our walk back a very kind gentleman offered us a lift home. Stephanie wondered why Diane was getting in the car when she realised it was Mark. 
Next stop was tennis lesson with Callum. The venue was a plastic dome which was slightly chilly. Callum is a good player although the shortest in his group.  Back home we had time to thaw out and a cuppa then off to gymnastics with Emma.  The view was interrupted by the Christmas decorations which hadn't been removed. Emma is learning new skills of skipping and high bars. Midday came and class was over so back home for lunch. Luke's rugby was at school so he set off while we had lunch. We got up to the school and found his team warming up. The game was played against Kings College and eventually won  17 - 10. The sideline comments from rules expert Stephanie and proud mother 
Virginia were entertaining.
Back home a quiet evening was planned with some tv watching, games on the Wii and tablets, as well as stitching by Diane.

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