Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wet but regal!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as when Elizabeth visited the Peak District, but we still enjoyed ourselves.
Stopped off at an embroidery shop just outside Matlock, it turned out to be owned by a New Zealander and would say she will be pleased Diane dropped by!

Visited Bakewell and purchase the famous Bakewell tarts.

Then onto Chatsworth. Even though the weather wasn't great, we still got to experience the grandeur of the place. At this time of the year, Chatsworth is decorated for Christmas. This year the theme is "The wind in the willows". There was so much going on it was a case of not knowing where to look first. A magnificent house, words can't describe.
 By the time we went through the house the rain had set in, but that didn't stop us doing a small wander around the grounds, to check out the cascade waterfall and to the stables. It was back to the car to have a coffee and Bakewell tart. Popped into the Chatsworth farm shop just for a final look around before heading to our B&B at Eyam. Difficult to find a place for dinner but we are booked into the local 15 minutes walk away. Off to the pub!

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