Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Day!

After much anticipation the day has finally arrived!

Santa left chocolates on our pillows.

There was a bit of a rugby scrum at the top of the stairs at shortly before 8am. Christmas carols were sung while waiting for the stragglers to arrived (Stephanie and Diane)

The Santa sacks were the first to be attacked. We were very lucky as not only did Santa stop by the bedroom but he also delivered some more to the lounge.
How lucky were we!!
There seemed to be plenty of parcels to be open, with the finale of 3 tablets being unwrapped. 

Didn't see much of the kids during the day.

Virginia prepared a lovely turkey dinner with the trimmings.

Lunch and dishes done in time to watch the Queens speech. The rest of the afternoon was spending watching Christmas movies and eating chocolates and some did end up inspecting the inside of their eyelids. 
The kids headed to bed about 8 which left us to watch the much anticipated Downton Abbey Christmas special.

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