Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Kids Day Out

Today we had a day in London with the kids (Luke 11 Callum 9 and Emma 6)

Left Canterbury just after 8.30am where it was raining, thankfully when we'd got to London, there was a bit of blue sky and apart from one brief shower it was fine the whole day.

The aim of the day was a visit to The Tower of London. It has been many years since either of us had visited, so it was as much as a treat for us as the kids. After the train it was a bus ride to the tower, going past various landmarks along the way.

Arrived at tower and had to queue a short time for tickets, collected  kids activities books then off to the tower. We had decided the first point of call would be the Crown Jewels. Very lucky as there was no waiting. We made our way through the display, finding the various items as required by the activity book. Think we were all in awe of the sparkles, even the boys!

From the Crown Jewels and a quick look through the gift shop we headed to the tower, which Emma had spotted on the way and thought it might be a good one to visit. The Bloody Tower, turns out later she just liked that it was through the the tower of torture, which I noticed kids moved through quite fast.

We then took a beefeater tour, which provided us with some interesting information and jokes along the way. At the end of this, we had all had enough of blood and gore, so a quick viewing of the armoury and then off to find lunch. 

We got lucky on our bus trip back to train station, as we got to ride on one of the original double decker buses. Made a stop at Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas tree. Must admit the tree looked somewhat thin and not quite the standard you would expect, perhaps it's been a bad tree year in Norway!!

The train journey saw both Emma and Diane fall asleep. A big day for all!!

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  1. Looks like you are having a great time. :) We are home from the bach to pick up William and Lisa tonight. Garth is now retired. His last 2 days of paid employment he caught the ferry down from Gulf harbour. Very convenient and no traffic! Today I'm making a pav and doing last minute foodie prep for tomorrow. X