Thursday, 3 December 2015

15 sleeps to go

The movies are chosen - its a choice between hot bodies in Magic Mike (Diane's choice), the emotions of Inside Out, Minions wrecking havoc, and the Man from UNCLE (Stephanie's preferred eye candy!). We hope that there are no dodgy screens in sight and can watch a whole movie without going to sleep.

Why is it, you can sleep during a movie, but not sleep at sleep time!

We still have our fingers crossed for the upgrade so here is hoping that we get a special treat to start our flights. We do have lounge passes, so can use them to while away an hour after the duty free shopping.

Is it a shame that we can't see the menu option? Or is the surprise worth waiting for anyway? Diane remembers when booking a vegetarian meal meant it came out first and you could be asleep before anyone else was served. This was in the days of the one movie choice - oh those were the days :)

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