Sunday, 20 December 2015

On our way part 2

Boarded flight all going well, then got told flight take off delayed. Deja vu! 
The loading lift was broken but this meant it was stuck to the plane, had to wait for technical team to come and fix then they could continue to load. 
One hr 5 mins later we finally departed.
No upgrade but we did get 3 seats between us and also some extra goodies courtesy of one of Stephanie's client. We both managed to get some sleep although it was an extremely bumpy flight. 
Arrived in LA late, got through the increasingly confusing transit reboarding. 
At this stage flight is 50 mins late leaving!

Flight through to London uneventful, unfortunately didn't get the the extra seat between us this time. Not able to have much sleep on this leg.
We arrived in London a little late, but we were on the road to Canterbury just over an hour after landing.

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