Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Visitors and shopping

Today was a quiet start as Mark went off to work and we prepared the house for small visitors.  Rosalind and her two girls came for a Christmas visit.  After initial shyness wore off the children all played well together while us big girls had tea and chat.
Lunch was a selection of tasty nibbles then all bundled up to go into town and do the chores, bank, post office, supermarket,etc.
The rain held off while we walked into town, but the wind was brisk. The post office saw us post christmas cards then onto looking for the bank and card factory. The Christmas market looked exciting but only a quick browse and a sniff of the sweet peanuts with a promise we would get some on the way home. After finishing chores it was time for the eggnog and gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, very yummy.  Home we then wandered via Wilko (just to show Diane the shop) and Waitrose (because you never know what bargains will be had, Virginia). The rain had then started so we walked briskly up new Dover road through the pass and home where a cuppa was programmed.
IKEA for dinner (Swedish meatballs) with pecan and apple yummies for dessert.  Diane then watched the BAFTA celebrates downtown abbey show while Stephanie turned in early. A nice relaxed family day before Christmas. 

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