Monday, 21 December 2015

A windy Day at Englands Defences

OThe day started watching the antics of the squirrel that lives in Mark and Virginia's garden!

Then it was off to visit Dover Castle for the day. The weather was fine, but you needed to make sure the old wig was nailed down as very windy at times. 

Went through the secret wartime tunnels, where we got to see, hear and feel the danger as the 1940 evacuation of the troops from Dunkirk was brought to life. This event was the turning point in the role the tunnels played during WW II.

Next on the agenda was lunch. We had a picnic lunch finding a sheltered nook, as the wind had increased during our time below ground.

After lunch we headed off to look through the the castle. We were lucky enough to have some live performers moving through the various rooms of the castle. They would explain what would be happening in the particular room in preparation of the visit of King Henry II.  In the Kings Chamber, Luke and Virginia were lucky enough to participate in the play. Luke taking a major part, we were a little confused, as Luke did start the play using a Scottish accent but it seemed to disappear along the way. At the end of the play we all had to take part in the Christmas dance. Stephanie did ask Luke why a Scottish accent, reply 'oh can't do any English accent', he was quite surprised when he found out his normal accent was English! 

We visited St Mary in Castro church which apparently is the finest late Saxon building in Kent. 

The Castle and surrounding buildings have gone through substantial restoration over the past years.

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  1. Busy day! Damn fine way to start the day with a spot of squirrel watching.