Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Shakespeare's Town

The morning started with a hearty breakfast at our B&B.

We found out we were within walking distance of Anne Hathaways house, so decided this could be our first stop of the day. It was a lovely walk to the house, we past by several thatched roof houses along the way. We arrived at the house right on opening  this meant not many people around, so we could enjoy looking around the house. We purchased a ticket which allowed us to go to 3 other properties besides Anne Hathaways house. 
After enjoying the wonders of Anne Hathaways house, we walked to Halls Croft. This is the property which was owned by William Shakespeare's daughter and her husband. 
It was then onto Harvard house, with a few stops along the way to do a spot of shopping. The busiest visit of the day was the birthplace of Shakespeare, here we had a bit of a queue to view the house. We had somehow missed the church and grave of William Shakespeare, so we retraced out steps and found the church where Will was buried. 
We then wandered along the banks of the River Avon back into town having dinner at The Garret Inn the oldest pub in Stratford. 

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