Saturday, 26 December 2015

Run up to Christmas

Wednesday and Thursday were spent around Canterbury, with some shopping and chores on Wednesday in town. We walked to town about 20 minutes to meet Virginia and choose a present for Mark and Virginia from the kids. While Stephanie met with Virginia, I took the kids looking at the Christmas market for ideas and also Primark as the idea for Mark was a tie. No serious contenders so we looked at a superman belt and chocolates perhaps.
Meeting up with Virginia the kids could not keep their lips zipped so surprise value was out. We took Stephanie to show our choices and made the appropriate purchases. I looked around the Canterbury cathedral shop as well. Pasties for lunch followed and then we walked back home, ready to wrap the presents and hide under the tree. 
Thursday being Christmas Eve, it was a case of keeping the kids occupied as they were very excited about Christmas. Sometimes wonder if we were ever that excited. 
We also picked up the hire car this morning, a little adventure in itself!

We headed into Canterbury just before midday, after going for a walk with Mark and children around the area visiting Luke's school.
Our aim was to go to the cathedral Carol service. Last time we went we were able to get tickets, this year it was on a first come first served basis. As we were about to line up, it decided to bucket down. A quick umbrella purchased was required. 
Patriotic umbrella purchase to hold off the rain.
Turned out we only stood in line for less than 10 minutes, due to the rain the doors were opened early. Did mean we were seated by about 1.30pm with the service starting at 3pm. However, the benefit was good seats, so we could see everything going on.
It was a lovely service, the choir was amazing and the venue just added to the majesty of it all. 
The service went for hour and half but well worth and a fabulous way of starting the Christmas festivities.

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