Monday, 28 December 2015

Magical Mystery Tour

Today being another holiday it was a late start and a decision to take the family on a magical mystery tour. With thermos packed and all loaded into the car we took off, going right out of the gateway and past Luke’s school and Canterbury rugby club. Driving down country lanes the guessing of where we were going were from the sublime – Leeds Castle (we went there last time Diane visited), Badgers Hill to the ridiculous (France on the Eurostar-Diane’s guess, as we started to see signs for Ashford International Station). Eventually we ended up at the Ashford Designer Outlet centre where Mark and the children headed for the playground and the ladies wandered the shops browsing, observing bargains and making a few purchases along the way. When we finished the tour we were advised that the younger members of the party had already eaten at a non sandwich venue, so a trip around ASDA to find lunch items for the adults ensued. As well as these we purchased wrapping paper which was marked £1, but we paid 50p so a bargain all around.

All aboard for stage two of our tour and we were looking for a windmill to find out lunch spot. The village of Woodchurch was our stop and we found a seat to put our lunch on, the kids had a play area and a cuppa later we set off for a walk around the church – some of which was 14th century and up the muddy path to the windmill (much later construction). Next stop was a drive through of the village Hamstreet to see if we could find the church mentioned in Wikipedia but we think it must have been amalgamated or something as we could not find it.

Driving home again we ended up coming in the back way and doing almost a loop of the Kent countryside. A great day out, quite warm but breezy at times and entertaining for the most part. A roast dinner was the climax of the day with the kids early to bed and us starting to pack for our road trip tomorrow.


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